Hello and welcome to Try Square. This online gallery was created to encourage people of all skill levels to regularly produce art. Its continuing aim is to dispel hang-ups people may have about making art and sharing it with others.

At Try Square the most important thing is to make art and the only bad art is art that's not made. Whether you submit a quick doodle or a twenty-first century masterpiece is up to you.

A little bit of structure helps aim creativity. Each month Try Square provides a theme for you to make a piece of art around.  The theme will be posted on the first of the month and can be interpreted how ever you choose. You can use whatever materials/medium you like to make your image but all work on Try Square is SQUARE!, so just make sure your height and width are the same (roughly).

Emma O'Shaughnessy's interpretation of the theme "Remember".

Your finished piece doesn't have to be all that finished. Getting work that you are possibly not 100% happy with done and out in to the world is infinitely better than never making anything for fear of it not being perfect. The second function of Try Square is as an online gallery. You can get your work seen by others and also see how others interpreted the theme. Send images to trysquareart@gmail.com and it will be posted online. You can include you name, what you made the image from and maybe a short blurb about it, but none of that is necessary.

So if you want to improve your skills or just flex them, Try Square is for you.

Try Square does not sell work. All purchase inquires will be directed to the artist. The copyright to all artwork shown is that of the respective artist and may not be reproduced without the written consent of that artist.